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One night I was awakened by a very severe sore throat. But because I was just breastfeeding, I had very limited treatment options. I tried the ULTRA+COMPLEX at night, took an extra dose, and went to bed. In the morning the pain was 60%, during the day it fell to 30%, in the evening it climbed a bit to 40%, however, the next morning it was only at 20% and during the day it fell to 10% and the third day was absolute without problems. I was shocked because I had not experienced it with any other product. But what absolutely shocked me was his help with gynecological inflammation. The problem escalated in such a way that I thought that if it didn't work, I would go to the doctor in the morning. In the evening I took an extra dose again, about two hours later, my body began to react very loudly so that the internal heat started. I went to bed, to my amazement in the morning the body excreted a large amount of pus, and as if it cracked, it was after an illness. I really wouldn't believe it if I didn't experience it firsthand.

Otakar T


I have been taking ULTRA+COMPLEX for six months due to high blood pressure. My original was 220/140. Over the course of three months, it was fluctuating and gradually decreasing, now I have a regular pressure of 120 to 85. Another experience I could not wish to anyone was severe osteoarthritis of the knee, the pain was literally unbearable. I started taking very high doses of 25 to 30 capsules of ULTRA+COMPLEX, and my inflammation in my knee was gone within a few days. I also use ULTRA+COMPLEX for the skin. When mixed with coconut oil, it literally has rejuvenating effects.


I had clogged four blood vessels. So I went for an examination and had to go for four bypasses. A friend subscribed to a magazine where was written about the ULTRA+COMPLEX and I thought it would be serious when they received the Nobel Prize for that discovery of Nitric Oxide. So I started buying it and in half a year it can be said that I could start doing hard work, even though I was tired before. Since then, my legs have warmed up again and it's getting back to normal. If you have a bit of a problem, I would recommend it to everyone not to regret the money. It is beneficial for humans.

Zuzana N


I had a severe heart attack because they found me too late, so part of my heart muscle died. So he doesn't have the performance he should have. I have been on medication for four years now. When I started taking ULTRA+COMPLEX, I have noticed that it supports the effectiveness of classic drugs. Thanks to that, I am able to ride a bike and actually perform some activities as if I was healthy. We started using it in the whole family. He accelerated my wife's recovery from a leg fracture from four to 1.5 months. My father-in-law, who will be 90 this year, started walking again thanks to the ULTRA+COMPLEX, even though he hasn't been for years.

Milena L.
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