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It all started when I and my wife visited an exhibition on Healthy lifestyles in 2013, where I discovered a book by Louise J. Ignarro, an American pharmacist, biochemist, and Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine, 1998, entitled " No More Heart disease." 

no more heart disease
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At that time, I was suffering from urinary incontinence, and none of the available remedies helped me. In the book, I read that according to the research of Dr. Ignarro should be supplementing Nitric Oxide a solution to my disease. I bought several foreign food supplements based on amino acids, but unfortunately, their consumption did not lead to my recovery. I'm not saying that the products weren't good, they just didn't achieve the effects that Dr. Ingnarro presented in his book.


I started to study the whole issue in-depth, did various calculations, and decided on my own research. I worked mainly with my wife, who is a doctor. It took me more than two years and we invested a considerable amount in research, but then we figured out how to do it so that Nitric Oxide (NO) was released more strongly and its effect was much higher.


It was like finding a needle in a haystack. Little big miracle! Thanks to him, I healed my incontinence and many other ailments not only of my own but of the whole family. In the end, we named this improved formula ULTRA-COMPLEX because it is a unique product on the market and I dare say that it is one of the best.

I hope it will help you, as well as the thousands of people before you.

Rndr. V. Hricik, CSc.

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George P.


It is beneficial for humans. If you have a bit of a problem, I would recommend it to everyone. I had clogged four blood vessels and bloodless legs. Now I work normally and my legs warm up beautifully again.

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