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Welcome to our brand new E-shop!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Here you will find all the information about amino acids needed for your health that you would find hard elsewhere.

This E-shop is dedicated to the sale of only L-COMPLEX extra, we are so convinced of it

quality that we consider to be a key product. Its ability to participate in the convalescence of the vascular system of the human body is unique.

"L-COMPLEX works as a necessary prevention against cardiovascular disease."

“ Máte-li po 40. letech věku, doporučoval bych zařadit If you are over 40 years old, I would recommend including L-COMPLEX extra in your diet regularly to avoid possible health problems.

L-COMPLEX extra + healthy diet + exercise = healthy person

In addition to L-COMPLEX, if we want to live to an active old age, it is essential to eat healthily and observe minimal movement to keep the body in shape. An unhealthy diet clogs our blood vessels, if you take L-COMPLEX for it, it won't hurt you, but it's like driving at full throttle and at the same time standing at full force on the brake.

It is similar with movement, it helps increase blood flow in the body, promotes the breakdown of fats and improves blood circulation as such. Please keep this in mind when you take it L-COMPLEX extra, you do it for yourself. :-)


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